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RadiusSplit - Radius Log Parsing Tool (Paul Gregg/Projects)

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Last updated: 25 April 2000


What is RadiusSplit?

RadiusSplit is a radius log parsing program written in perl.
It provides a single, but useful, function when attempting to analyse (huge) Radius detail files.
RadiusSplit should parse the detail file as it is created putting copies of the detail file entries into individual user files: DIRECTORY/YYYY/MM/UserName where YYYY and MM are the year and month (of locatime, not the log entry - tho it would be easy to hack in).
RadiusSplit is designed for use around my RadiusReport package. RadiusReport does not need this tool, but RadiusSplit will speed up RadiusReport by a factor of several hundred (simply by eliminating the need to parse non-relivant detail entries).

What type of radius logs will RadiusSplit work on?

RadiusSplit works on various accounting logs produced by different Radius accounting servers. Supported ones include:
  • Livingson Radius V2.0, V2.01 & V1.16
  • Dale Reed's RadiusNT
  • Merit Radius
  • Ascend Radius
  • Radiator
  • If you don't see yours listed here then try it anyway, it should work.
  • RadiusSplit does not work with Microsoft Radius logfiles. Ask Microsoft to fix it.

Where can I download it?


No consideration here has been taken to prevent RadiusSplit from crashing or attempts to make it run constantly. Use is entirely at your own risk. RadiusSplit should provide a good foundation for building your own logging, analysing and reporting of Radius detail files.

Please note I don't use detail files any more and so have stopped developing RadiusReport and RadiusScript - continued publishing of these pages is for the benefit of all those who have emailed me over the years expressing their thanks for these tools. I hope others get the same use from them as I have.

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