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Qmail Documentation and Utilities

  • Single UID Mailbox HOWTO - A document explaining how to configure Qmail to provide email services for hundreds, even several hundreds of thousands of people (email addresses, and POP3 boxes) using a single system UID (i.e. each account does not need a separate system /etc/passwd style account).
  • I have a separate utility which will assist you in creating crypted passwords if you need it.
  • Mail Quotacheck - Script for checking a users mail quota before mail delivery.
  • SpamFilter - A procmail solution for trapping SPAM when using .qmail files.
  • Logging checkpasswd - My hacked version of Jedi/Sector One's checkpasswd for use with the single UID system above. My version adds extensive logging functionality and delays against brute force POP3 attacks.
  • HELO FQDN - Patch for qmail-smtpd.c which enforces a '.' character to be included in the HELO command before accepting email. Whilst not illegal, RFC compliant servers should send the fqdn, but viruses tend to send rubbish.

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