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My system runs an excellent mail system called Qmail which allows me great flexibility to provide various email services both quickly and securely. My own mail system is 99% POP3 only users and so I didn't want to set up separate UIDs for each user - bit of a waste. Qmail allows me to setup every POP3 account under the one UID safely. qmail-popup/checkpasswd/qmail-pop3d then securely handles the client logins to the client's email preventing them from accessing each others email.

Anyway, using this, the System Quota isn't going to work as it is 'user' based and all out mail users are effectively all just one user to the machine so I have developed a script to check the recipients current quota before delivery.

Source code:

mailquotacheck allows:

  • Default user mail quota
  • Quota's can be changed per user simply by creating a .quota file alongside their .qmail file in the directory where their Maildir or Mailbox is.
  • A maximum message size can be specified, per user, if you want to have an upper limit on the size of an email received. (defaults to the users quota limit)
  • mailquotacheck will allow messages of less than 1K through even when the user is over their quota (subject to a system wide configurable absolute hard buffer - default is 100Kb flexibility).

mailquotacheck is provide Free of Charge to whoever wants to user it. I provide no warranty or guarantee that it will work or that it cannot damage your mail reception, etc, etc.

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