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19980110 - Paul Gregg 
	. Maintenence release before 0.4.
	. Fixed problem with bigger ISPs and multiple Radius clients using
	  the same SessionID, RR now generates a uniqueID to work with based
	  on UserName, SessionID, NAS-IP-Address, and NAS-Port.
	. Included diffs by kjmiller  which added support
	  for a Connect-Rate '-s' flag.
	. Split the Telco charge rates to allow for different Analogue and ISDN
	  tariffs - kjmiller 
	. Added a '-H' flag to supress 'per login' reports (suggested by
	  Omar Thameen  (sorry Omar, I didn't like -B))
	. Removed Start / Stop matching code. RR only uses Stop records -
	  Downside is that we will miss 'missing Stops', however there isn't
	  much you can do about it even if you know they are missing. Upside
	  RR uses less memory and is marginally faster.
	. RR now has unbuffered output.
	. Boosted version to V0.3b6
19970906 - Paul Gregg 
	. Added support for Non-Livingston V2.0+ Radius log files.  See the
	  RECORD_DATE_FMT define near the top of the program if this applies
	  to you. This should permit RadiusReport work with any make and model
	  of Radius logs.
	  NOTE: Possible COMPAT_BUSTER - Requires perl module: POSIX (mktime)
	  Ascend logfile examples courtesy of Daniel Serena 
	. Added check for 'Framed-Address' for Livingston Radius V1.16
	  for current 'Framed-IP-Address' data.
	. Expanded -i flag.  If -i argument is 0 (i.e. -i 0 instead of
	  -i a complete IP useage report for all IPs is
	  generated.  Suggested by Jim Hribnak 
	. Added extra flag -d.
	  Use: -d   e.g. -d Jan  or  -d 01  or  -d 1  or -d 1:2
	  Only records which start during that month will be reported.
	. Boosted Version to Beta V0.3b5

19970730 - Paul Gregg 
	. Added ability to 'calculate' the approximate telephone charges
	  (or online charges if thats your thing).  Note: In the UK, there's
	  no such thing as free local calls, so you pay for your dialup access.
	  This bit was intended to work out costs using one tariff.
	  Tarriffs and times can be changed deep in the code.
	  I'll make this more robust and configurable later.
	  Look for the calculate_cost function for the defines.
	. Boosted version to Beta V0.3b4

19970720 - Paul Gregg 
	. Added multiple login checking ability. Need some way of allowing
	  specific users to MLPPP. To turn off see the REPORT_MULTIPLE_LOGIN

19970716 - Paul Gregg 
	. Added a configurable DATE_FORMAT define to allow users to specify
	  the format that the Date is printed e.g. MM/DD/YY vs DD/MM/YY
	  Americans!  ;-)  V0.3b3

19970711 - Paul Gregg 
	. Fixed a bug in 2 function defs where I used sub func() {
	  Removed the ()'s.  Apparently this has no effect on Perl5 Unix
	  (which is why I didn't spot them) but it caused Perl on NT to bug out.
	  Reported by: Eric Lund  V0.3b2

19970705 - Paul Gregg 
	. Added ability to report on the cause of the connection to drop using
	  the command line flag -q. V0.3b1

19970704 - Paul Gregg 
	. Bumped Version number to 0.2

19970701 - Paul Gregg 
	.  Added ability to store individual user reports as a file in a dir.
	  Use the -o flag to specify output path when used with -l all : e.g.
	  -o STDOUT is the same as not specifying it at all (useful... not)
	  -o /dir/path.
	  A report for each user is placed in /dir/path/username. This is useful
	  when you want, for example, to write a wrapper program or script
	  to email everyone's usage to them. I'll leave you to sort out
	  username to email address mappings as that isn't in the radius data.

19970620 - Paul Gregg 
	. Added the ability to provide a complete list of usernames against
	  their last login time (as far as the detail file(s) can tell).
	  Use the -r flag on it's own to produce this report.

19970615 - Paul Gregg 
	. Added the ability to produce a report on IP usage.
	  -i aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd will produce a list of users/times/etc on
	  who used that IP address (good for Dynamically allocated IP setups
	  and when you need to track down netabusers)

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