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Do you live in NI and can not yet get broadband?

Written By: pgregg - Jul• 07•2006

If so, I want to hear from you.

I believe that the DETI NI has fudged the contract with BT and let them away with making up the figures for the rest of broadband by allowing Satellite technology.  I believe this is against both the spirit and the letter of the contract.

We need to band together in order to raise a loud enough voice and force our Government to listen and, with luck, ensure that true broadband to the letter of the contract is delivered to enable every home and business in Northern Ireland to get broadband if they so wish.

Please reply to this post with your story, or email me directly via pgregg @ I am particularly interested in Postcodes of people who have been denied broadband.  Also if you have an actual letter from BT – please scan it and send it to me,



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