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Chocolate Knackers

A German colleague brought these into work the other day. The humour works on just so many levels I’ll just leave it up to you.

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Compiling PHP, OCI8 on Sparc64 Solaris 10 with Oracle10g

This problem beat me about the head for most of yesterday until I worked out that PHP 5.0.5 doesn’t actually know about Oracle 10.    8 and 9, sure thing – otherwise it decides it is an older version (very silly). The other problem is that when PHP tries to link to the oracle client […]

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Buy the Whitehouse, get an SQL injection attack

The Internet casino and poker house bought up the only known deed for The White House as reported by The Inquirer. Except that the link that the inq uses to get to the page telling the story at revealed a little more information than they should have.   Because the URL on the inq […]

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PHP: HTTP Authentication via PHP

When combining sessions with HTTP Auth in order to maintain state. The difficulty surrounding HTTP Auth is that even after you "logout", the browser will continue to send the correct username and password with each request. Thus immediately logging you back in again – unless you use the states to keep track carefully. In this […]

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Freedom of Information, Request #1, The reply.

It was remiss of me not to follow up on my earlier FOI post (thanks Tony for the prompt).  Rather than just post the reply as a comment to that post (it’ll never be seen), I will post it here. Basically they decided to withhold the information as it pertains to current policy discussion. Here […]

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