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Belfast Zoo: Escaped Ringtailed Lemur

This didn’t hit the press – but I guess an escaped Lemur isn’t quite as scary as an escaped Lion. I took the kids to the Zoo this past Bank Holiday Monday – pretty normal trip to the zoo as zoo trips go.  However, nearing the end I came across this escaped Ringtailed Lemur sitting […]

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String Case Conversion in PHP

Occasionally I read through some comments on the PHP Manual, sometimes to get ideas on different methods of doing things, other times just to try to keep current with some of the vast array of functions available. Sometimes, I see things that really scare me – code that is written and published with the best […]

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Damn forum / web log / blog comment spammers.

It got so bad over the past few days that I was regularly deleting 5+ posts a day advertising the latest gamling establishment or where to get the cheapest erectile medications. So as with all good reasons for doing some programming – being pissed off – I wrote some captcha code that will display an […]

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