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That 2.5% “transaction fee” in stores and supermarkets.

Ever noticed in large chain stores (Tescos, Marks & Spencers, etc) that little sign at the checkout that says "By agreeing to purchase from XXX you agree that XXX Financial Services Ltd will charge a 2.5% transaction fee. The amount you pay is the same". Well, today, I worked out what it is all about.  […]

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PHP: Number base conversion in PHP.

I thought I might “publicise” some of the code buried within this site.  There are some useful things in here (even if I do say so myself) ;). And it would be a shame not to ‘blog’ from the rooftops.  Some of the code isn’t much use in the real world, but it serves its […]

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BirdArt – When birds get artistic

Spotted this today on my sunroof – never knew birds could do self portraits but they can, and here is the proof:

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Skype founder from a distant planet.

Skype is panicing about being forced to offer 999 or 911 emergency telephony services. Skype responded to a demand in Norway by turning off links to the PSTN networks and their founder Niklas Zennstr�m said "When there is a burglar in my house, I don�t want to call the police; I want to email or […]

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Edit Amazon / Laithwaites / Tesco sales declared illegal in the UK

… well not quite, however, if the story at is anything to go by, then the Law Lords clearly seem to say they are illegal. Online sales of Age-Restricted material is thereby completely illegal in the UK. If sales of R18 porn is illegal via online outlets because the retailer has to see the […]

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Discretion, Salesmen and Currys

So ever since I neglected buying the wife a birthday present this year and she said "Buy me a big American Style Fridge" I’ve been on the lookout for a quality model at a decent price. Anyone that knows me will know that, prior to making such a life changing purchse, I will thoroughly research […]

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