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Opinion: Qmail is dying.

Today is a sad day, and it is sadder still that I feel I should write this article. Many years ago, when we were all much younger, the skys were cleaner and bluer, kids went outside to play in the street instead of staring at a flickering 14" tv and playstation, you could leave your […]

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Bypassing “registration required” news sites.

Ever been passed a url link to a news media site only to find it requires you to register or login to read it?   Usually I just switch off and deign it to not be worth the hassle and move on with life.  Now I know there are sites such as and they create […]

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Stupid memes ?

Tonight I found out what a "meme" was.   I was prompted to look it up by reading Mark’s post over on his site. Now with all the stuff in the news about Identity theft and how easy it is to assume someone else’s identity, is it really wise to be giving out information about the […]

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