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If you are any kind of a geek, you’ll be checking your web site’s access_log on a semi-regular basis to get an idea of who is linking to you.  Call it an ego trip if you must 🙂 but, of late, it has become a little more annoying. You see, spammers have started “referer spamming” (sic) […]

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Microsoft XP Retarded Edition to be launched.

Microsoft is launching a cut down version of Windows XP, as "Starter Edition".  This version will feature (or rather not feature) limited graphical capability and will only allow the user to run three programs at once. Full story at: "… in an effort to halt the rise of low-cost Linux software""…  it hoped the […]

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So Stelios is launching easymobile using all the usual orange livery that all the easy* companies under Stelios’ control use. However, now Orange (the mobile phone company) is upset at his planned use of the colour orange. Stelios says there is no problem. How ironic after Stelios started suing any company using the word "easy" […]

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Orange Farce

This is a mini-rant. 🙁 So, I’ve got an Orange contract phone and the wife has a Orange pay-as-you-go phone, both are in my name.  Tried calling her, except the stupid Orange network has assumed that since she didn’t answer one call and it dropped to voicemail, then all future calls should immediately go to […]

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