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Google adsense and making money from your web.

Written By: pgregg - Jul• 22•2004

I was talking to Hendrix in EfNet #php a couple of weeks ago about his site and his use of the Ads by Google.  I wondered if it actually made him any money.

Now Hendrix’s site is pretty new and still ‘in development’ but it’s pretty decent already.  I’ll not say how much he was getting, but I thought it was worth a punt.

I joined 2 weeks ago and have the ads displayed on pages in my Projects area and, quite frankly, I’m astonished by the results.

The way it works (as I figure) is that you put some javascript on the pages you want the adverts and since google has indexed those pages it know relevant adverts to send.  I get mixed results, but on the whole they aren’t bad (tho my system "utilities" attracts adverts for electricity utility companies!).

Companies pay google on a per-click basis to get these ads onto websites such as mine and google gives me a cut.  That "cut" appears to be quite the movable feast from as low as $0.02 per click to unbelievable highs of $1.60 per click.  What spurred me into writing this article was that for the last two days I earned $17 and $20 respectively. Not bad at all.

So, my question to the world, is do you use Google’s AdSense? And if so do you feel it is worth it?  Please vote in the poll.

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