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Google adsense and making money from your web.

I was talking to Hendrix in EfNet #php a couple of weeks ago about his site and his use of the Ads by Google.  I wondered if it actually made him any money. Now Hendrix’s site is pretty new and still ‘in development’ but it’s pretty decent already.  I’ll not say how much he […]

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IRC and l4m3 asshats

This evening, whilst lurking in #php (efnet), a guy by the handle ITman decided to spam the channel with an advert to join his channel to pay him for consulting. Ordinarily such events come and go, but this one was quite wonderful. Read and weep. ITman ( has joined channel #php<ITman> Anyone need help join […]

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Hi Paul: Thanks for your post on /. Okay, so perhaps you can explain in more detail how ok.txt lets a site check for open proxies? You can always email me the answer (or a link) or just email me to let me know the answer’s been posted here, or post on /. (it’s all […]

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