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Blogs, Blog software, and other drivel.

Well, as some of you might have noticed. My blog has had a bit of a facelift. A few months back, when I was thinking of starting up this rant sheet, I started looking at some of the possible blog systems to "help" me achieve this. Recommended was Bloxsom which is nice and pretty, seems […]

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Tech Support drones.

Now, I work in Technical Support, so don’t take this as a lament against all technical support people – just those who can’t see past the script in front of them. Yesterday, I had the following conversation with a McAfee TS representative. The issue wasn’t that difficult, I would have thought, for someone familiar with […]

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The Tech Vote, and how to lose it.

We techie types are a fickle lot.  We hate our spam and will positively discriminate against any company that used this medium to market their message. So today, the day before the European elections in the UK, arrives a political spam from a John Gilliland,, promoting himself as the IT friendly vote. Well I […]

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