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Guardian @commentisfree columnist @MissEllieMae talks drivel about Lord McAlpine

I came across Ellie Mae O’Hagan on twitter today, who claims in her twitter biog to be a “Socialist, feminist, columnist”. Her twitter ID is @MissEllieMae, and she wrote this:   I just used my lunch break to write a twitlonger on Lord McAlpine. Damn you Twitter — Ellie Mae O’Hagan (@MissEllieMae) November 16, 2012   […]

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Menshn stats and where they came from.

You may have noticed, if you have been following my twitter feed, that I have been posting some Menshn statistics recently. You may also be wondering how I came by these numbers.   #Menshn #MenshnStats Number of active users: 211 — Paul Gregg (@pgregg) September 8, 2012   Someone sent me a message on twitter […]

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Luke Bozier reponds. Backs up allegation with 3rd party tweets.

Follow-up to yesterday’s article when I discovered Luke Bozier was accusing me of being behind the web site. Luke Bozier, co-founder of Menshn, has responded to my email from last night. Unfortunately he has not retracted his allegation against me, nor offered an apology. He has compounded the allegation by further alleging that he, […]

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Defamed by Menshn owner Luke Bozier

Today in my twitter feed, I saw this:   Hi @privateeyenews, I see you’re giving more column inches to the hacker who stole – this is not news, nor is it funny. — Luke Bozier (@Bozier) September 5, 2012   Now I know that the above is a fake/parody account, but it is funny […]

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On Software and Game Copyright and Second Hand sales.

  This morning I got into a little twitter spat with a local game developer Matt Johnston. Basically he is arguing against companies like GameStop because they do not provide any revenue back to the original developers of the game. As he is a game developer, he is very obviously on the side of the […]

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