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That 2.5% “transaction fee” in stores and supermarkets.

00000Ever noticed in large chain stores (Tescos, Marks & Spencers, etc) that little sign at the checkout that says "By agreeing to purchase from XXX you agree that XXX Financial Services Ltd will charge a 2.5% transaction fee. The amount you pay is the same". Well, today, I worked out what it is all about.  […]

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PHP: Number base conversion in PHP.

00000I thought I might “publicise” some of the code buried within this site.  There are some useful things in here (even if I do say so myself) ;). And it would be a shame not to ‘blog’ from the rooftops.  Some of the code isn’t much use in the real world, but it serves its […]

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BirdArt – When birds get artistic

00000Spotted this today on my sunroof – never knew birds could do self portraits but they can, and here is the proof:

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Skype founder from a distant planet.

00000Skype is panicing about being forced to offer 999 or 911 emergency telephony services. Skype responded to a demand in Norway by turning off links to the PSTN networks and their founder Niklas Zennstr�m said "When there is a burglar in my house, I don�t want to call the police; I want to email or […]

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Edit Amazon / Laithwaites / Tesco sales declared illegal in the UK

00000… well not quite, however, if the story at is anything to go by, then the Law Lords clearly seem to say they are illegal. Online sales of Age-Restricted material is thereby completely illegal in the UK. If sales of R18 porn is illegal via online outlets because the retailer has to see the […]

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Discretion, Salesmen and Currys

00000So ever since I neglected buying the wife a birthday present this year and she said "Buy me a big American Style Fridge" I’ve been on the lookout for a quality model at a decent price. Anyone that knows me will know that, prior to making such a life changing purchse, I will thoroughly research […]

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